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Poster - The Heist

The Heist 

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An old west escape room game!

46% Escape Rate

It is 1851 and you are heading out West in hopes of making a name for yourself.   There are boundless opportunities just awaiting you, if you play your cards right.  Out West, it is rumored that people are discovering gold, oil, and other riches.  You are bound to discover something yourself or at least get in on the riches already discovered.

However, opportunity isn’t the only thing the American West has to offer.   It is full of new experiences – often of a less than moral bent.   The West is full of women, booze, and gambling, and for you the only discovery you end up making,  is that you cannot control yourself around any of it.

In a very short time out West, you have developed a large sum of debt.   In one last desperate attempt to try and “hit it big”, you borrow money from the infamous outlaw, Mad Dog McNaulty.   But Lady Luck is not on your side and you lose it all again.   You have no options left open – only a large debt demanding to be paid.  Mad Dog has given you a deadline of two weeks until the money is due.

After a few days of thinking, there is just one viable option left – pull off a heist at the local bank.   It might just be crazy but at this point you have nothing left to lose.   You have ONE HOUR to follow the clues and get into the vault.  This could be it – you could pay off Mad Dog and if all goes to plan – you will become the most famous bank robber in the West!

Poster - Escape In Space

Escape In Space

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A fast paced escape room in outer space!

26% Escape Rate

The year is 3210 and you are part of an elite group of scientists who are traveling on the Exodus, a Prometheus Class Ship.  For the last year you have traveled to and visited many different planets during your time aboard Exodus.  Everything has been routine and on schedule, and your crew eagerly anticipates your return to Earth.

While traveling home, your craft is suddenly struck by a small asteroid shower.  You take a direct hit to your main engines and they are disabled.  The damage does not appear fatal, and your crew begins to prepare to repair the engines. The engineer is about to suit up to exit the craft and begin repairs, when on your sensors you pick up a much larger asteroid headed your way.  The limited power to your engines means that you and the crew are a sitting target. It will be impossible to move the craft out of the path of the large asteroid.

You and your crew now face the challenge of escaping Exodus in plenty of time to be away from the ship before the asteroid strikes.  There is only one hour remaining to successfully reach the escape pods and be far enough away when the asteroid collides with Exodus.  Following the  directions in the emergency manual, your crew must work together to get to the escape pods and out of harm’s way!

Poster - Hijacked At Sea!

Hijacked At Sea! 

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A high seas adventure escape room!

37% Escape Rate

You and a group of friends have decided to take a much needed cruise vacation.  On day three of your trip, the unthinkable happens. A group of hijackers boarded the ship at your last port of call. After managing to take over the control room, the hijackers have set the ship on a course to run the ship into a great barrier island and sink it.

Upon completing the mission, the hijackers were able to bar the control room from entry and flee in a getaway boat.  During the chaos of the hijacking, all members of the crew and all passengers were put on lock down.  Your cabin is close to the control room. The ship’s course must be altered within one hour! If you and your friends are able to successfully break out of your state room and into the Bridge – you can avert disaster and save lives!

Poster - The Quest for the Sword


The Quest for the Sword

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An escape room experience for kids ages 5-10 ONLY. 

Hear ye! Hear ye! O Citizens of the Realm! 

Merlin is in search of one worthy to be the ruler of our great land.  In order to find the worthy ruler, Merlin has called a tournament. He has invited members of the most noble families of the kingdom to participate.  The tournament is a test to ensure that only those who are pure of heart can unearth the Sword and rule our fair land.  Join with other defenders of the realm and see if you have what it takes to discover the sword Merlin has hidden and unsheathe it from its rock! Beware: you must solve riddles and clues, break out of the castle, and soothe the dragon before you can get to the sword!

Bring your friends one and all and see if you can complete the Quest for the Sword!

Escape Rooms are a live action game where you and a group compete against the clock to see if you can escape in time!