Welcome to 321 Escape Rooms!

We are a new Brevard County Escape Room located in Melbourne, FL! Come and see if you have what it takes to escape from our live, interactive escape experience at 321 Escape Rooms! We are family owned and operated. Our family looks forward to hosting you and your group as you check out our new escape rooms.


Trapped on a Cruise headed for disaster?

You and a group of friends have decided to take a much needed cruise vacation. On day three of your trip, the unthinkable happens. A group of hijackers boarded the ship at your last port of call. After managing to take over the control room, the hijackers have set the ship on a course to run the ship into a great barrier island and sink it… more

Desperately trying to pay off a debt and save yourself from ruin?

It is 1851 and you are heading out West in hopes of making a name for yourself. There are boundless opportunities just awaiting you, if you play your cards right. Out West, it is rumored that people are discovering gold, oil, and other riches. You are bound to discover something yourself or at least get in on the riches already… more

On a disabled Space Ship in the path of a deadly asteroid?

The year is 3210 and you are part of an elite group of scientists who are traveling on the Exodus, a Prometheus Class Ship. For the last year you have traveled to and visited many different planets during your time aboard Exodus. Everything has been routine and on schedule, and your crew eagerly anticipates your return to Earth… more

A childrens’ quest to discover the sword of Merlin!

Merlin is in search of one worthy to be the ruler of our great land. In order to find the worthy ruler, Merlin has called a tournament. He has invited members of the most noble families of the kingdom to participate. The tournament is a test to ensure that only those who are pure of heart can unearth the Sword and rule our fair land. Join with other defenders of the realm… more

Do you have what it takes to escape in time?  Find out if you and your friends can race against the clock to achieve the goal!  

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So what is an escape room?

An escape room is a live, interactive adventure, in which you and a group compete against the clock to solve puzzles, riddles, and clues! You and your team work together in your themed room, to see if you can gain the objective or escape the room in your allotted 60 minute game time!  It is brains over muscle, social over solitary, and fun over boredom!  Do YOU have what it takes to escape in time?

Choose from one of our three themed rooms to see if you can solve puzzles, find clues, and escape in time! We are a Brevard County Escape Room, offering escape experiences near Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Palm Shores, Patrick AFB, Eau Gallie, Merritt Island, and many more! Check us out on your next trip to the beach!

321 Escape Rooms, a Brevard County Escape Room in Melbourne, FL experience!

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